Woman furious after stranger asks her son to give up his plane seat

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Plane seat politics can get messy.

There’s the awkward moment when you’re sitting in the middle seat and you have to stake your claim on the armrests, or when you’re sitting at the window seat and have to climb over the others seats just to go to the bathroom.

But one mum has revealed the shocking moment a complete stranger tried to get her son to move seats for a newlywed couple who boarded the plane after them.

The mum said she was traveling from Las Vegas to Fresno with her three small children, aged five, seven, and 10 on the one-hour flight.

“We flew on a discount airline that only allowed you to reserve a seat if you paid an extra fee, $25 per seat,” she explained on Quora.

A mum is furious after a stranger tried to get her son to change seats with her. Photo: Getty Images

“I wanted to sit together and paid the extra cost. I was able to secure 3 seats in one row and the 4th seat right across the aisle. I put the oldest (boy) across the aisle and I sat with the younger two.”

A young woman, who was returning from Vegas with her new husband, sat down in the middle seat next to her son. Her husband’s seat was three rows behind them.

“As the husband walked by, a random stranger in the row directly behind me asked if they were newlyweds and if they wanted to sit together,” the woman continued.

“He then nudged my son and asked if he would change seats. My 10 year old son looked confused and I quickly spoke up. I explained that we were travelling together and I want my son to sit next to me. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he didn't know we were travelling together.”

She went on to say that the husband quickly sat down, but the stranger continued to pester her son.

“The bride clearly started looking uncomfortable as did my son. I finally spoke up and said, ‘Look, I paid an extra $100 so we could sit together. Everybody had the same opportunity to reserve their seats’,” she said.

The woman said the stranger continued to mumble for 60 minutes and she ignored him, but she’s still furious over the incident.

People agreed with the woman, saying it was ridiculous the stranger demanded anything from the mum and her family.

Others said they go to great lengths to pick specific seats on planes and are hesitant to move for any reason.

“I would say, “go away, and do not bother me again!”,” one person said.

“It really depends. I have once changed my seat to allow a parent to sit with her child as they were separated. I ended up getting squashed in the middle seat in another row,” another person said.

“I would quietly give up my seat, unless the seat that they wanted me to exchange with was vastly inferior, somehow,” a commenter said.

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