Woman loses pet cat as doctors mistakenly give euthanasia medication instead of a routine rabies shot

Washington D.C.: In a case of utter negligence, a pet cat was mistakenly administered euthanasia medication instead of a routine rabies shot.

Michelle Olson, the devastated cat owner, told Fox News that the vets realised their mistake while the cat was still alive, but they couldn't intervene in time to save its life.

Fox News quotes ABC 13 which reported that Olson along with her husband picked up their cat, Sophie, from the vet and were heading home when suddenly they got a call from the doctor who told them to "get Sophie back here immediately" as they unknowingly "gave her euthanasia instead of a rabies vaccine."

Although the couple managed to get Sophie back to the veterinarian, their effort came in a bit too late as the cat succumbed to the euthanasia medicine before any medical intervention could be made.

Sharing her harrowing experience, Houston-native Olsen told the media: "I immediately took her out of her cat carrier and I held her, talked to her, because I knew that was going to be the last thing she would remember.

I knew she wasn't going to come back at that point. I just knew it. She pretty much was dying in my arms." As reported by the outlet, the animal hospital refused to comment on the freak incident in accordance with the advice of its legal team.