Woman Made To Sit In Own Urine For 7 Hours As Crew Refuses Toilet Access

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A woman has now claimed she was made to sit for seven hours in her own pee on a flight after cabin crew refused her access to a toilet.

According to a report in Mirror Online, the 26-year-old was flying back to Dublin from Bogota, Colombia, on an Air Canada flight last month.

During the first leg of the journey from Bogota to Toronto, the flight was delayed for around two hours. Speaking to Dublin Live, she said she approached staff several times to allow her to use the bathroom, but she was refused.

She added that she asked four times over a two-hour period if she could use the toilet and told cabin crew that it was an emergency and she was going to have an accident if they did not let her use the toilet.

However, she revealed that they aggressively told her to go to her seat and denied her access to the bathroom. Eventually, she had an accident.

She added that on one of the occasions when she asked to use the bathroom, the aircraft was still stationary and she walked towards the toilet, only to be "aggressively" told by someone she assumed was the head crew member to get back to her seat.

The embarrassed woman revealed she was then forced to sit in her own urine for seven hours until the plane arrived for a layover in Toronto.

She added that she was completely humiliated and visibly upset that the cabin crew ignored her for the rest of the flight.

When she was leaving the plane, she looked for the different crew members whom she had asked to use the toilet, to let them know how disgusted she was with how they treated her, but they allegedly hid at the back of the plane.

The woman says she had to pay for a hotel in the Canadian city so she could shower and change her clothes and on returning home, complained to the airline as well.

Air Canada reportedly offered her a voucher for flights with the airline worth 500CAD - about £300, but she apparently slammed the apology, claiming it did not go far enough.