Woman with Severe Anxiety Dies After Mum Accidentally Sent Her Angry Emojis on Facebook; Can Anxiety Be Fatal?

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A woman with severe anxiety died out of heart failure after her mother accidentally sent her hundreds of angry reaction on Facebook. The woman was a former barmaid and was known as Shabina. She had a history of depression and diabetes as well. Shabina had also reportedly taken two overdoses of insulin earlier. Shabina died of heart failure the day after she saw over hundreds of angry emojis on her Facebook post that consisted of footage of her night out at the circus in February this year. Her mum said that she was actually trying to press the like button but instead the angry emoji was posted accidentally. Shabina's mother also told that while she was trying to correct her mistake, her phone screen froze, as per reports by The Sun.

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Shabina's mum tried to meet her at the place where she was living to talk to her about it. However, the meet ended with the fight. The day after the incident took place, Shabina was found dead on the bed in her home in Macclesfield. Tests showed she had suffered congestive cardiac failure, and had been taking cocaine in the hours before her death. Her death was called "drug-related" but there was "no evidence" she took an "excessive amount."

Can Severe Anxiety Be Fatal?

Although anxiety attacks are said to be almost equivalent to heart attacks, they cannot be life-threatening. The attacks can be scary and also causes chemical changes in your body, but cannot kill you directly, even though it may feel like it. Panic attacks are serious and need to be treated but these do not directly cause death. If you find yourself experiencing any of the anxiety symptoms you must immediately visit a doctor.  Untreated anxiety can have devastating effects. Overcoming anxiety isn't impossible, here's how to overcome social anxiety and 4 helpful tips to calm you down.

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Shabina was engaged to motorcycle technician Luke Tomlinson.  However, they split up in January after they moved in together in November 2018. Reports from The Sun say that just two days before her death Mr Tomlinson moved back, although they slept in separate bedrooms.