This Woman from New York Has Broken the Guinness Record for Having the Largest Afro

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A fashion designer from America Simone Williams has officially broken the record for the largest afro in the female category. A resident of Brooklyn, New York, Simone boasts a phenomenal afro that is 20.5 cm (8.07 in) tall, 22.5 cm (8.85 in) wide, and 1.48 m (4 ft 10 in) in circumference.

The Guinness World Record holder attempted this record because she always received comments about the size of her "voluminous natural afro" hair.

Speaking to the Guinness World Record, Simone said that she was also inspired by the previous record holder, Aevin Dugas (USA), who held the record for eight years. At the time she came across Aevin's feat Simone did not think that her hair was anywhere close to hers, but she was happy to see that someone like her was recognized and there was a chance for others to be recognized too.

Finally securing the coveted record title, Simone shared the news on her Instagram account and mentioned how it meant a lot to Simone, although she didn’t quite believe it at first.

Simone said that she took about ten minutes to process the news.

Simone started her natural hair journey nine years ago. She started getting perms or straightening her hair in middle school and wore her hair straight until college. She chose to transition to her natural hair around the age of 23. She decided to switch to natural because she wanted to save the money spent at the hair salon to help with the costs of moving into her first apartment.

After lots of practice and patience, Simone learnt how to care for her natural hair. She normally washes her hair weekly using very little sulfate free shampoo. She uses a lot of conditioner to detangle her hair and sections her hair into four twists while in shower.