Women must cooperate with rapists to avoid murder: Telugu Filmmaker

Even as the country rages over the grisly rape and murder of a 27-year-old veterinarian in Hyderabad, the Telugu filmmaker, Daniel Shravan, has made a shocking statement. In one of his Facebook posts, Shravan suggests that in the face of sexual assaults, women should offer rapists a condom and cooperate with them in the act instead of putting up resistance or calling the police for help.

He further claims that women are killed after rape because they resist the act. The 33-year-old filmmaker also argues that if the government and law provide an 'exemption' for rapes, rapists wouldn’t think of murdering the victims. "Rape is not a serious thing but murder is inexcusable. Legalising rapes without violence is the only way to control the killings of rape victims," he opines.

When one of the Facebook respondents objected to his obnoxious comments, Shravan shot back, "If these adamant bitches didn’t consent to the proposal made by the rapists, they will have no other way but to rape them."

After the outrage, he deleted all his posts and wrote a bizarre apology, claiming that he wrote these posts as the dialogues for a villain character in the next movie he is going to direct, and that this was misunderstood by people. He also stated that the statements were not his opinions.