Here’s What Women Across the World Said, Observed and Responded to This Week

Here’s What Women Across the World Said, Observed and Responded to This Week

‘Being heard’ is one of the most basic ways of empowerment. Be it in your own house, your workplace, among your peers, at the public place, and even on social media.

In recent times, social media has changed the way we communicate. Today, people of similar interests can form their own communities online and bond over common experiences. Celebrities, leaders, and influencers get their own channels to make announcements and share ideas. 

The extension of our identity on digital platforms, through what we say, like, and align with has a bearing on the physical world. And more so when you are a public figure with massive following. 

As we wrap up the week, here’s a look at the resounding voices of women on social media platforms:

A host of actors, journalists reminded netizens of the power of secular India

This gentle yet powerful reminder from UN Women

This thread and the insights on gender-based violence women have to face

American television producer Shonda Rhimes putting justice in perspective

This one-liner taking the right jab at patriarchy and misogyny

Journalist Alanna Vagianos summing up the experience of being a woman

This strikingly honest mood of actor, director, producer, and author Issa Rae when she announced the all-men nomination list for Oscars Best Directors category

Mary Kom’s on Indian Hockey team’s captain Rani Rampal being nominated for the World Athlete of the Year 2019

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley sharing her experience as a black woman