Women writers who were way ahead of their time!

Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

Women have been prospering in many fields from the time we didn’t even know. In the writing field as well as women brought about a new and different style of writing. These were the type of women who believed that women do not belong in the kitchen. The forward-thinking way of writing mostly came from female writers. So it was natural that at that time when it came to writing novels women would give social justice to each and everything. Few writers had revolutionized thoughts and novels.
Some of these writers given below were way ahead of their time.

1.Jane Austen
Jane Austen had the same ideology as Elizabeth Bennet thinking that women can do more than marrying well. In her time during 1813, Jane wrote about women deciding their path when at that age women were not given any choice. Most of her novels were on romance but it didn’t just focus on romance. She gave more importance to heroines guided 19th-century feminism to the mainstream novel. Without her, we wouldn’t know what a feminist heroine would look like.

2.Virginia Woolf
In the late 20s or early 30s, there were not many writers who used to think or write about mental illness or the subconscious mind. Even tho it wasn’t considered to be a taboo talking about it people were not aware of it. Virginia Woolf did not care much about it. She was the first person in novel writing to introduce a stream of consciousness as a writing style. Decades later, we had Joseph Conrad following in her footsteps.

3.Bronte sisters.
This list is incomplete without mentioning the Brontes on it. This family of scholarly splendidness died quite early but not before creating a huge impact on how the world would view them centuries later. Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” was not published under Charlotte’s penname and was a massive success, though it was considered a “scandalous novel”. What people considered disgraceful, made way for feminist writing in its speed.

4.Margaret Cavendish
She was a fashion icon and was the first woman who attended the Royal Society of London in 1667. She fought her way to accomplish men and women’s equality, and gender had nothing to do with their abilities.

5. Harper Lee
Harper Lee’s To kill a Mocking bird had created quite a controversy in her time. The racial injustice and the crooked legal system in America which was mentioned in her novel had made her a controversial superstar at the time. Her way of thinking and writing of novels had opened the gateway for equal rights to everyone.