'Wonder Woman 1984' becomes most streamed OTT film upon release

Shubham Dasgupta
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01 Feb 2021: 'Wonder Woman 1984' becomes most streamed OTT film upon release

HBO Max is on cloud nine and Warner Bros is breathing a sigh of relief!

That's because Wonder Woman 1984 has pegged the golden crown of becoming the most streamed movie in a week since its release on December 25, 2020.

And yes, this HBO Max output has even beaten Disney+'s most touted animated film in recent times, Soul, with a handsome margin.

Data says: Besting 'Soul' by near about a billion minute views!

Nielsen made a temporary exception to its OTT review for December 2020 by including HBO Max in its data.

That pegged the young streamer at the top of performance, as the Gal Gadot-starrer has reportedly clocked in a whopping 2.25 billion watching minutes, thus besting Soul's performance of 1.67 billion minutes.

That has made the Amazonian goddess so happy!

Thankful: Gal Gadot took to Twitter to thank fans for this!

Gadot took to Twitter to share two screengrabs of a news report side by side on January 30.

She then wrote the caption, "This is amazing!" followed by a heart emoji, after which she thanked all her fans for this achievement.

This is in fact the greatest win for Warner Bros and its new streamer on the block at current times.

Fact: Gadot thanks fans the world over for this landmark achievement

Backdrop: 'WW 1984' first film to release on streamer, theaters simultaneously

This is a remarkable achievement because Wonder Woman 1984 was the first movie that Warner Bros experimented with on its simultaneous release strategy for the entire 2021 slate.

The strategy was called out by film directors, producers, and theater distributors worldwide for apparently turning a deaf ear to the box office business, that too without the permission of all parties involved.

Development: Third film on Diana happening soon

The roaring popularity of the franchise has prompted creators to root for the third and final installment of this Justice League member played by Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins.

"This partnership with Warner Bros., of course, continues throughout the year but it began with Wonder Woman's arrival on Christmas Day to great success," said Andy Forssell, Executive Vice President of HBO Max.

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