'Wonder Woman' underperforms in China, collects $18mn in opening weekend

Shubham Dasgupta
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21 Dec 2020: 'Wonder Woman' underperforms in China, collects $18mn in opening weekend

Wonder Woman 1984 has released in several countries, including China, and will reach India in three days' time.

China, considered the world's largest market, hasn't however welcomed the Gal Gadot-starrer with open arms.

It rather has pegged its own action movie, The Rescue, far above.

So, looks like the might and beauty of Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince has failed to woo the dragon.

Turnout: It earned only over $18mn in opening weekend

The superhero film released in China on December 18 and has earned $18.8mn, while its native box office rival, The Rescue, netted $34mn in the weekend.

Both results are unsatisfactory as per China's pre-Christmas weekend box office revenue runs.

The main reason behind the low turnout would be the pandemic, otherwise Wonder Woman (2017) had earned $38mn in China during its opening weekend.

Details: Pandemic, poor marketing reasons behind poor China show

As far as global box office haul is concerned, China's turnout impacted the total earnings, which stood at $38.5mn, against the estimated cut of $60mn, this weekend.

Sources say marketing efforts in China didn't push enough excitement in people to choose this film over the Chinese counterparts.

Dubai, however, was gentle toward the film and, in fact, celebrated the same before its release.

Celebrating release: Burj Khalifa had lit up with Wonder Woman's image

On December 16, the official Instagram handle of Burj Khalifa released an image of the towering structure lit up in the silhouette of Wonder Woman, ahead of its December 17 release.

"I'm so excited! Please take a photo and send it. I saw the model of what it should be looking like and it's insane. I'm so, so honored," Gadot told Arab News.

Opening weekend: 'Tenet' was called out too for its pandemic performance

Interestingly, the previous Warner Bros. tentpole, Tenet, was called out after it fared poorly in the US but was lapped up in China, earning $29.6mn in the opening weekend.

That time too, it had stiff competition from native offering, The Eight Hundred, which was a war drama.

So, a poor start shouldn't demoralize the Wonder Woman 1984 team as the story has just begun.