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Arun Govil as Ram/Vishnu

The once-in-a-lifetime role played by Arun Govil became his alter ego even off-screen. Though he tried his best to leave it behind and mold himself anew, his fans continued to see him as 'Ram' in every character he picked. But, he was also the most successful among the cast of Ramayan and has appeared in numerous films after, and continues to do plentiful work on the television. He was remarkable as 'King Vikramaditya' in Vikram Aur Betaal also.

Wondering where are the Ramayan actors now, how do they look?

Despite having a re-run after 3 decades, Ramayan proved to be the higher TRP generator in the times of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

But actors who we are now admiring, no longer bear those looks of youth. They have lived 30 years after filming those episodes, donning those costumes, and are altered people today.

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