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Emraan Hashmi

Now the serial kisser of Bollywood has landed himself a better-half who is not only stunningly beautiful, but also very possessive; now we totally understand that some of the “scenes” might not sit very well with the possessive wife Parveen is. The actor has himself admitted of being slapped in public by Parveen after the screening of his movies – tough love, we must say!

You won't believe these celebs got slapped by their partners in public - yikes!!!

Love has never been afar from being a roller-coaster ride. But the highs and the lows are a li’l too appalling when the ones involved are celebrated by millions and their love-life, including the tussels and tangles,  are always under the radar. Here are 7 celeb couples that had their fall out and found themselves at the receiving end of a hot slap right amidst public view.