World Bicycle Day 2021: Importance of the day and what health benefits bicycling gives

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World Bicycle Day is observed every year on 3 June. The main objective of this day is to promote the use of bicycles for a cleaner environment and a healthy lifestyle. This date is selected by the United Nations General Assembly after it recognised the versatility, uniqueness, and longevity of the two-wheeler. The UN also noted the fact that bicycles have been a mode of transportation for centuries. They are also affordable, reliable, and environment friendly.

Through World Bicycle Day, the UN urges stakeholders to appreciate and raise importance on the benefits of cycling.

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, it would be difficult for people to go out and cycle but once things get back to normal then include cycling in your exercise. On World Bicycle Day, check below the benefits of cycling:

Improves cardiovascular fitness: Cycling is the best way to strengthen your cardiovascular health as it's a form of cardio

Increases your strength and stamina: People who don't work out or cycle can lose their strength and stamina by staying indoors for long. So, cycling can work wonders by increasing the body's strength and stamina; this can also improve blood circulation

Makes your muscles stronger: Cycling is an excellent exercise that is much-needed considering the number of days spent indoors due to the pandemic. Cycling can cure muscle pain, joint pain, and other issues too Good for concentration: Amid the pandemic where many people complain of anxiety, depression, and stress, cycling is a great option for them as it teaches balance which can improve concentration level and mood

Easy and fun: Other than exercise, cycling can be fun when out with family and friends. Right now, it's difficult due to the pandemic, but cycling is the best option for adults and children for mental health

Meanwhile, other health benefits of cycling include:

- increased muscle strength and flexibility - decrease in stress levels - decrease in the body fat levels - prevention or management of diseases among others

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