World Book Day 2020: Books are a tool to build bridges between communities, better understanding of cultures

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World Book Day 2020 marks an annual event originally started by UNESCO and will be celebrated on March 5, 2020. On this day, people all over the globe will be celebrating their love of books and reading. Some may read and share a book on social media to commemorate the occasion, while others may honor the day by dressing up as their favorite book character.

Why celebrate World Book Day 2020?

No matter how this day is celebrated, World Book Day serves as a reminder of the importance of reading in our everyday lives. Books allow us to escape reality and be entertained, but they also provide us with an opportunity to learn.

As a children's book author who writes about India and Hindu festivals, this is the approach I have adopted when writing my series, Little Princess Rani and the Palace Adventures.

Also, I view books as a tool to build bridges between communities, which can lead to a better understanding and respect of other cultures, religions, and individuals. This was certainly one hope for my books when I started my writing career.

World Book Day 2020: A Writer's Perspective

For me, every World Book Day is a reminder of why I became an author. I primarily became an author to write educational and fun books, which would help children and parents to connect to their heritage and culture.

World Book Day 2020: Freedom to creatively express

But over the years, World Book Day also became a personal reminder of what writing allows me to do. Writing books gives me the freedom to creatively express my thoughts and ideas, which continuously motivates me to write about subjects that are very important and meaningful to me.

On a personal note, I will most likely spend this World Book Day working on my seventh book and celebrate by visiting the library to pick up a book to read.

Happy World Book Day and Happy Reading!

Anita Badhwar is a Children's Book Author and Illustrator of the South Asian India theme based series – Little Princess Rani & the Palace Adventures.