World Cancer Day 2020: Listen to your body! Sonali Bendre’s inspiring ‘Note to Self’ on Twitter goes viral

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World Cancer Day: On World Cancer Day 2020, Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre posted on Twitter a ‘Note to Self’, capturing snapshots of her transition showing various phases of her journey while battling the illness. The post received many heartwarming responses such as ‘More power to you’ and ‘God bless you from fans on Twitter.

A more important point, however, is the advice that Sonali Bendre has shared in the caption. She asks everyone to listen to their body and indicates clearly that early detection helps.

Sonali Bendre is not the only celebrity who went public about her illness and shared candid moments on social media.

When diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009, Lisa Ray had gone public with her condition and spearheaded awareness campaigns and initiatives in India and abroad to spread information about the illness. She published her memoirs, where she candidly delves into the experience of her illness and what it taught her about the human body and the spirit of resilience.

In 2012, Manisha Koirala had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The actress has shared her experience of battling the illness in her memoir ‘Healed’ in 2018. In several interviews to media, the ‘Dil Se’ actress has highlighted the importance of making lifestyle changes to prevent cancer.

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh too had gone public with the condition that he was battling. The cricketer had gone on to write a book about the entire experience of being detected with cancer, the phases of chemotherapy that he had undergone with the support of his mother and doctors and lastly, how the entire experience had made him emotionally resilient to take on any challenge in life.

Cancer is a much dreaded word and spreading fast across the world, as per WHO data.Worldwide, studies by researchers indicate that cancer is a disease that can be treated and is curable if detected early. This is exactly the message that Sonali Bendre is conveying in her tweet captioned as ‘Note to Self’ on World Cancer Day 2020, offering a ray of hope and positivity to all those who are battling a similar condition.