World Cup 2019: India to sport orange jersey against England, Opposition sees red

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A controversy broke out on Wednesday as Congress and Samajwadi Party objected to Team India donning an orange jersey in their World Cup encounter against England on June 30. India will be wearing a different coloured jersey for the match as hosts England also have a blue jersey, and ICC rules require visiting teams to wear a different coloured jersey in case of a clash during televised tournaments.

Both the Congress and the Samajwadi Party (SP) seem to object that the BCCI chose orange over other colours. The ruling BJP has a saffron flag. “Modi wants to paint the country saffron,” SP leader Abu Azmi was quoted as saying by television channels.

“Modi wants to paint the entire country saffron. Today, jerseys are being made saffron. If you want to pick a colour for the jersey, pick the tricolour,” news agency PTI quoted Azmi as saying.

Reacting over the controversy, BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli described people seeing politics in Team India’s jersey colour as ‘myopic’.

“It is myopic and reactionary politics without application of mind. Those who criticise saffron forget that it is a part of the national flag. This is not an instant or immediate decision. If the colour of flag is used, then it should increase our sense of pride and nationalism, and not lead to such a reaction,” Kohli said.

What the ICC says

The International Committee of Cricket clarified that the colour options were given to BCCI by them and the Indian board selected the combination that they felt was best for them. ” The whole idea is to be different as England also wears a same shade of blue as India. The design is taken from India s old T20 jersey which had orange in it,” ICC said in a statement on Wednesday.

The jersey is expected to be predominantly orange yet. The BCCI is yet to unveil it. The concept of multiple jerseys has been inspired from club football in which players choose their colour on a home and away basis.

This won’t be the first instance at ICC World Cup 2019 where a team has to donne a different jersey. South Africa wore a yellow jersey during their game against Bangladesh.

India are currently placed third on the points table, having won four of their 5 games. The Virat Kohli-led side will take on West Indies next on June 27, 2019. India will then face England on June 30 at Edgbaston.