World Jellyfish Day 2020 Date and History: Know Significance And Interesting Facts About These Marine Creatures

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Happy World Jellyfish Day! Now we get it, if you are wondering why do these invertebrates even have a day dedicated to them? Are jellyfish as threatened that they need awareness about their populations? Not really. But it is not exactly clear why there is such an observance, probably to make people known about these intriguing creatures. So every year November 3 is celebrated as World Jellyfish Day. There is very little you may know about these marine creatures, which can be called the oldest living inhabitants on this planet. On World Jellyfish Day, let us understand a bit more about these creatures. Jellyfish as Big as Humans Spotted by Divers in UK, View Stunning Pic of Barrel Jellyfish.

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There is no traced history or a significance to who started this observance but most people believe it was idea of some enthusiastic marine biologists. This day is celebrated during springtime, as during this time of the year, jellyfish usually begin their migration to the shores of the northern hemisphere. On this day, let us understand a few intriguing facts about these creatures. Types of Jellies Found in the Marine World And Their Characteristics (Watch Videos).

5 Cool Facts About Jellyfish

  • Jellyfish are older than dinosaurs! Scientists have discovered their fossil snapshots in rocks which are more than 500 million years old.

  • Although they are called jellyfish, they aren't a fish at all. Fish are vertebrates that live in water. Jellyfish are invertebrates and they absorb oxygen from water through membranes.

  • Jellyfish have the ability to clone themselves. A jellyfish in half can regenerate and grow a whole body on its own.

  • Even though they have long tentacles they never get tangled. This is because their tentacles are very slippery. Jellyfish Attack! More Than 5,000 People Stung by Bluebottles Jellyfish at Australian Beaches.

  • Jellyfish have even been in space! In 1991, moonfish jellyfish travelled into outer space on the Space Shuttle Columbia so that scientists could examine how microgravity affected them. The jellyfish multiplied in space.

These are some of the things that really make jellyfish an interesting creature, so it is valid that they do get a day of their own. On this Jellyfish Day 2020, share these interesting facts with everyone and raise awareness about them.

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