World’s most powerful passports 2020: Asia dominates world rankings! Check India’s rank

Swapna Raghu Sanand
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Love to travel? Check out how Asia dominates the world’s most powerful passport rankings in 2020! So, which country has the strongest passport as per Henley Passport Index 2020? Not the UK, the US, or France, it is Japan! Once again, an Asian country has been successively ranked at No. 1 on the prestigious world passport rankings, followed by Singapore, Germany and South Korea. Simply put, this means that a Japanese passport holder can access over 165 destinations than an Afghan passport holder can. This marks the highest score difference in the Henley passport index’s fifteen year history.

Over successive years, data shows that the UK and the US have been continuing their downward trajectory. In 2020, the two countries are ranked at 8th position, marking a significant decline from the No. 1 rank they jointly held way back in 2015.

A notable climber on the Henley Passport Index 2020 is the UAE, which has climbed from 65th rank in 2010 to 18th place in 2020.

What is the rank of India in Henley Passport Index 2020?

Curious to know the Indian passport ranking? As per the Henley Passport Index 2020, the Indian passport has slipped to 84th, whereas it had been ranked at 71 way back in 2006. Data shows that Serbia is the only European country to which Indians can travel without a visa.

While Afghanistan ranks 107th and is pegged as the weakest passport on the list this year, Middle Eastern countries marked strong ascent in the Henley Passport Index 2020 as compared to the previous year. The UAE has clinched the 18th position, while Saudia Arabia is ranked 66th.

These rankings are based on the latest edition of the widely accepted Henley Passport Index.

Most powerful passport in 2020 and 2019

The Henley Passport Index 2019 ranked Japan at No. 1. Henley & Partners brings out their listings that are based on the number of destinations that passport holders of a country can access without the requirement of a prior visa. This ranking is further based on data that is culled out from the International Air Transport Association, also known as IATA, which is essentially a trade association that comprises of around 290 airlines.

For three straight years, Japan has been topping the Henley Passport. The 2020 index cites that Japanese citizens can access up to 191 destinations without requiring a visa in advance!

Notably, the second place has been clinched by Singapore, which holds a score of 190, followed by Germany ranked at No. 3 and South Korea that dropped to a third place from the previous year. Singapore and Germany are sharing the same ranking as they did in 2019.

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What is the position of Indian passport in Henley passport index of 2019?

Since the Henley passport index began in 2006, the Indian passport had been ranked between 71 and 88. In 2020, the Indian passport ranking is based on its visa-free access to 58 destinations, which includes 33 that give Indian passport holders visa on arrival.