World Oceans Day 2020: Some Lesser Known Facts About The Oceans

Prerna Aditi

It was in the year 2008 when the United Nations (UN) declared 8 June as the World Oceans Day. The intention behind observing 8 June as the World Oceans Day is to acknowledge the importance of oceans on the Earth. The day also celebrates the oceans as it covers over 70% of Earth's total surface. On this World Oceans Day, we are here with some interesting facts related to oceans.

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1. The high-speed internet that you are using today to watch your web series and do other things are all because of oceans. This is because the cables that aid the high-speed internet run through the oceans. These cables help in maintaining international connections. At times, they are protected by shark-proof layers to ensure that no predator attacks the cable.

2. Over 94% of Earth's living species dwell under the oceans. That means the marine life species can outnumber the living species that live above the Earth's surface.

3. The Mid-Ocean Ridge which is the largest mountain range on the Earth is under the oceans. This mountain range extends over a distance of 65,000 km. Also, it is less explored when compared to that of Mars.

4. Less than 5% of Earth's oceans have been explored so far.

5. You may not believe this but Earth's oceans contain more historic artifacts than the entire museums across the world do.

6. The World Register of Marine Species has stated that over 240,470 species of the oceans have been discovered so far. But this is just a fraction of the entire species living under the oceans.

7. The Oceans produce over 70% of Earth's oxygen. This is because there are a number of marine species living under the oceans and they are the ones who produce 70% of the oxygen.

8. You can also find a river or lake in the oceans. These are formed when hydrogen sulfide and saltwater combine to become denser than the rest of the water around. This way a river or lake is formed beneath the oceans.

9. Pacific ocean is the largest of all the oceans on Earth. Also, it contains over 25,000 islands.

10. There are nearly 20 million tons of Gold lying beneath the oceans. However, you may not be able to collect them as they in the melted form are diluted in the water. One liter of the seawater will gain you a billionth fraction of the Gold existing in the oceans.

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