The New World: Series 2 Launches to Great Response From Its Fans – Potentially a Must-Read Science Fiction in 2021

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Author Chad Wannamaker recently released The New World: Series 2, the second installment of his young adult science fiction duology. Chad’s blend of adventure, dynamic characters, and high stakes distinguishes The New World series as a complex speculative experience with a wealth of unique narrative angles.

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In The New World: Series 1, readers encounter Tammy Mackey, an average teen except for the fact that she’s also an alien with whiskers and a tail. After crash landing on the planet Jupiter, human settlers Bob and Deborah Mackey take her in and raise her. But thirteen years later, another alien ship crashes. The pilot’s features look similar to Tammy, prompting the Mackeys to question where she came from and why these aliens are returning again.

The sequel continues to explore those core questions as Tammy and her loved ones grapple with the impact of alien arrivals. Once it becomes clear that the potential invaders may have nefarious intent, Tammy puts her life at risk to make sure that others know they’re not alone anymore. Although her parents beg her to stay put, reaching the communication tower is the only way to send a distress signal and call for aid. But will the journey be worth the cost?

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Fans of John Marsden’s Tomorrow series will appreciate Chad’s ability to incorporate elements of romance and horror while remaining true to the conventions of soft science fiction. Since he first began writing The New World series as a teenager, Chad authentically portrays the challenges of growing up and searching for identity. The themes and depiction of personal growth, particularly of the male characters, are rooted in Chad’s own experiences.

Readers applaud The New World series for its vivid imagery and engaging plot. Chad based his writing style on his family’s oral storytelling traditions, giving his work a conversational, free-flowing quality. When asked to comment on his work, Chad simply reflected, “For me, writing is a mental release, plus I enjoy being able to entertain through stories.”

The New World: Series 1 and The New World: Series 2 are available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. Chad Wannamaker is the author of The New World series and the owner of CHADWBOOKS LLC publishing company. He can be found online at or on Instagram at He specializes in the science fiction, horror, and thriller genres. When he isn’t working on his next book, Chad enjoys football, martial arts, and hiking. He lives and writes in Denver, CO and hopes that his stories inspire joy in readers.

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