How is the world treating rapists today? Here is a quick account

How rape is punished around the world

Rape, inarguably, one of the most heinous crimes known to mankind. Unfortunately India is faced with these shameful incidents more in the recent times or maybe these crimes are coming to light on account of social media. While whether a rapist should be subjected to death penalty or not is in debates, let’s take a look at how other countries are dealing with rapists.

North Korea – The dictator of North Korean law has no mercy for a rapist – not sure if anyone is complaining about this one law. A rapist in North Korea is being fired at his head by a trained firing squad.

Afghanistan – Death penalty is decided as the fate of a rapist in this desert country. The Islamic law followed in Afghanistan leaves no place of forgiveness and a rapist in this land is shot in the head, or hung till death within four days of committing the crime.

Saudi Arabia – The Middle Eastern country follows the Sharia Law and like Afghanistan has nothing but death penalty for a rapist within days of the crime. The criminal is made to kneel down at a public place surrounded by members of the society who witness the public beheading. A policeman performs the act as the rapist sits facing the Mecca.

China – Though the country is not governed by strict Islamic law, China looks at rape as a non-considerable felony – and why not? Mostly death penalty is announced once the criminal is convicted and he is shot in the spinal cord joining the neck. In some cases, a rapist might be left alive but only after castration.

United States of America – The country has its punishment segregated depending upon the level of brutality and type of sexual assault, and a rapist is subjected to any of its 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree punishment. In most cases a rapist is sentenced to life imprisonment, which expand to thirty years in jail.

Netherlands – Netherlands has one umbrella under which all types of sexual assault fall, from forced sex to a French kiss. The punishment could vary from four to fifteen years of imprisonment based on the age of the convict. Some countries may want to take notes from this country as the legal system here treats the rape of a prostitute with the same outrage as it would treat that of a “noble” lady – they don’t differentiate on the basis of anyone’s social-economic status.

Russia – A rapist is sure to get an imprisonment of six years in Russia. However, if the victim is a minor, suffers severe damages, or dies during or after the crime, the punishment turns severe. Such rapists might end up in jail for twenty years and are restricted from taking up any kind of occupation for twenty years to follow.

France – The European country follows a well-defined and extensive penalty for rape convicts. Once found guilty of aggravating forced sex, a rapist is liable to spend 10 years in jail. Depending on the level of torture the victim was exposed to the jailtime can go up to life imprisonment. If the victim dies, the rapist has to suffer 30 years in jail.

Egypt – A rapist in Egypt is hung till death. Though many consider Egypt and its law old school, a rapist deserves nothing milder is what the Egyptians believe.

Israel – The Israeli legislature defines the criminal offense of rape to degrees and once convicted of the felony, the rapist is put behind bars for sixteen years.

While in India we are awaiting some serious social reforms and dire penalties for rapists that can bring the mortifying increase of such incidents down, do you think the above penalties are too cruel or do they make for a suitable penance for the heinous act?