'World's most careful driver' uses tape measure to check car fits in parking space

David Harding

This is the woman who has been dubbed the ‘most careful woman driver ever’ after a viral video - seen over 10 million times in less than a day - showed her whipping out a tape measure to check whether she would fit into a parking space.

The short clip filmed by a witness in the city of Shenzhen, in southern China, shows the female motorist standing next to her red saloon inside a crowded car park.

Reports said that when she arrived in the car park, she stepped out of the vehicle to eyeing up a narrow space.

The woman takes out her tape measure

She then whips out a tape measure and places it over her bonnet in order to measure the width of her car.

As the footage ends, a second person - presumably her passenger - appears to shift into the driver’s seat while she continues to size up the parking spot.

According to reports, the woman also measured the parking space too and wanted to reverse into it.

Video of the incident has been viewed over 10 million times (AsiaWire)

The incident happened on August 27.

However, it is unclear whether she or her passenger attempted to park the car in the narrow gap in the end.

Some took to social media to defend her 'responsible' actions (AsiaWire)

Social media users have dubbed her the ‘most careful woman driver ever’ after the video went viral online, attracting thousands of comments on China’s Twitter-like microblogging service Sina Weibo.

User ‘Yiyangyang’ wrote: “Why is everyone laughing at her? At least she’s trying to be responsible for herself and to others.”

Others claimed she must be a new driver (AsiaWire)

‘Bojuyi’ said: “She’s probably a new driver who just received her licence.”

‘Yuedu Shoui’ added: “She really is the most careful ever.”

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