A Writer by Accident

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Fights and bickers are a part of married life. The married lot who are reading this right now might agree to this fact that relationships after marriage become a lot like tom and jerry. They keep fighting and irritating each other but cannot live without each other.

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Everyone faces a little inconvenience in their marriage at some point. Some become fed up and tired of the constant nagging, whereas some find different ways to cope with the situation. Venting and sharing one’s thoughts is one of the most common escapes. While calling up a friend may seem like an easy way to reduce the burden, some people find peace in writing their thoughts in a diary. There is something so peaceful about penning down thoughts that it satisfies one’s soul. It provides an opportunity for self-talk, which means that one can write anything and not be judged about it. Similar was the situation with Henry Becket. He is the author of the famous book ‘The Becket List, An A-Z of First World Problems,’ which is a compilation of various things that made him cross.

Expect the Unexpected

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Life can be very unpredictable. It could be as gloomy and dark as a rainy day, and on the other hand, can be as lovely a sunny day. It can surprise one with beautiful things and also sadden them with unwanted and unpleasant scenarios. Becket has been very fortunate with life, as it gave him a new perspective to look towards it. He was not a writer from the beginning but became one accidentally. It happened when one day he was shouting at the television. His wife accused him of being angry about many things, so for no good reason, he started to make a list of things that made him cross. After a few weeks, the list had grown to dozens of pages, so he began writing it up while trying to add an element of humor to it. Gradually he reached 60,000; this was when he showed his work to his writer friend. This friend saw a spark in his writing and advised him to get it published, and the rest is history.

2020, the year when the entire world was sitting idle at home doing nothing, Becket began compiling his diary to a book. He used various techniques to filter out things that were not needed in the book to prepare it for publication. He found a creative way to keep the readers excited, and that was listing the problems alphabetically, which clearly explains the name, ‘The Becket List, An A-Z of First World Problems.’ The book sold more than 1,000 copies in its first few months. It received appreciation and positive reviews from critics and readers alike. This book takes a non-serious look at the things that make people grumpy but are of little consequence at the end of the day: a reasonable definition of “first-world problems”! It has been judged to be funny, cleverly written, a light read, and something of a stress-reliever in the Corona times.

After receiving excellent and satisfactory remarks about his first book, Becket has completed the manuscript for Vol II and is quite pleased with it. The book is in the hands of the publisher for the final edits and is scheduled to be launched in 2021 or 2022. He loves it when his work provides a sense of relief for people and makes them enjoy their time. Becket is currently under the spotlight for being the ‘funny writer’ and sees himself doing this for the rest of this life.

Life Before Being a Writer

This 68-year-old has an extensive career portfolio. Being a graduate from the Cambridge University, Henry Becket started off his professional life in 1974 as a Special Advisor at the Conservative Research Department in Westminster. He then switched to being an account manager in 1975 at Russell Greer Associates, the UK’s first lobbying company based on the Washington model. He worked in lobbying for more than two years.

Based on Becket’s experience, he was appointed as the Marketing Manager at Augustus Barnett Wines’ Spirit and worked there for three years. He switched again and in 1979 joined ad agency Leon Lerner & Ptnrs as an account handler. At his point, Henry felt that he was not content with what he was doing. And so, he decided to change fields. From working in a corporate environment to working in this high-paced, high-energy sector, Henry switched agencies and joined a fast-rising star of the industry Reeves Robertshaw Needham. Here he became the Deputy Managing Director.

Gaining sufficient experience and knowledge from working at different places, Henry established his own creative ad agency, ‘Ideas for Work.’ His company is best-known for its animated pre-school TV series, ‘Olly The Little White Van.’ The animated series has over 1.5 billion views on YouTube and now runs to seventy-eight episodes. It has been dubbed in Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Polish, and many other languages. Due to its worldwide popularity and success, the cartoon has been nominated for the ‘Best TV Series’ at the British Animation Awards. They have worked with almost all notable toy brands starting off with Hasbro, My Little, Pony, GI Joe, Transformers, Hornby trains, Scalextric racing, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Barbie, Bratz, Sindy, and many more.

Although Henry Becket’s career journey is unusual, but the way he has gracefully adapted to it and made the best of the opportunity in hand is truly commendable. As of now, this talented personality is residing in a farmhouse with his wife and has many plans for the future in the pipeline.