What’s Wrong with Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment? Redditor Says it Can't Exist

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It is one of the most famous New York City apartments to be shown on television. The pale blue couch, a bike hanging in the corner and kitchen always stocked with cereal makes Jerry Seinfeld’s fictional Upper West Side apartment on the popular sitcom Sienfeldto be the most unattainable piece of real estate in real life. But, a recent thread on social media has ignited a debate that not only does the apartment not exist but in a completely different way it couldn’t physically exist by all known laws of science.

According to a post shared on Reddit by user PixelMagic, Jerry’s front door is at an angle pointed to his kitchen, which means the hallway from which we often saw Kramer sliding in through the front door couldn’t actually exist without the kitchen protruding into it.

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The user further elaborated his theory with floor plan of the TV set and along the photo, it had text which read, “Jerry’s Hallway Can’t Exist.” While the post garnered over 10,000 likes on Instagram, it did rake in mixedresponses.

Several users came up with their own explanations. One user wrote that, “Not all hallways are straight,”Another added, “Why can’t the hall way just bend around the kitchen?” A third pointed that it means, “Newman can’t exist, right? Doesn’t he live down that hallway?” Another making a funny reference wrote, “At least this is prove that Kramer can slide through two doors.”

The hot topic hit Twitter and one user giving his impressive analogy wrote that Jerry’s hallway confusion makes sense until the viewers realise that Jerry’s door “is a portal to a multidimensional” and “physics of the real world do not apply”.

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The hallway confusion might be due to the scenes from the show that implied a straight hallway exists with a wall to the left of Seinfeld’s and Kramer’s apartments. Some other episodes have also shown another apartment unit right next to Kramer’s.

But, it is true that the hallway conundrum is physically impossible.

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