WWE chief Vince McMahon's life to be documented by Netflix

Shubham Dasgupta
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WWE chief Vince McMahon
WWE chief Vince McMahon

01 Nov 2020: WWE chief Vince McMahon's life to be documented by Netflix

You hated seeing him inside the ring and talking rubbish to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin during the late '90s.

You loathed him when he ruined several timeless fights before the company was called World Wrestling Entertainment.

Still, you can't ignore Vince McMahon, the unpredictable and famously eccentric chief executive officer of WWE, who now gets a Netflix title to document his journey.

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Announcement: Bill Simmons of 'Andre The Giant' fame is executive producer

WWE president and chief revenue officer, Nick Khan, stated recently that this project is a groundbreaking deal between Netflix and WWE.

This docuseries will span across multiple parts, Khan announced during a third-quarter earnings call with investors.

Bill Simmons of Andre The Giant and The Ringer fame is the executive producer of this documentary, which we expect will bring back the fun.

Fact: "One of the highest budgeted Netflix docs in history"

Details: Chris Smith of 'Fyre Festival' will be helming the project

The documentary will be directed by Chris Smith of Fyre Festival fame. Smith and WWE Studios are producing it.

The sensational WWE chief has time and again documented his early life ridden with poverty and diametrically opposite to the kind of moolah that helps him thump his chest inside the ring today.

That is precisely what creators want to show in the series.

His tale: McMahon was brought up in an '8ft-wide New Moon trailer'

McMahon was brought up in an "8ft wide New Moon trailer" and had previously lived in a house without indoor plumbing in North Carolina.

Come winter or summer, he had to survive the extreme weather conditions while compromising his privacy, as he had to go outside to relieve himself.

Cut to the present, we see his ripped figure on Muscle and Fitness magazine cover.

The man: McMahon is a hated guy, but is popular too

McMahon is a popular guy. His theatrics inside and outside the ring are entertaining.

In Attitude Era in entertainment wrestling, McMahon had tricked Bret Hart in his fight opposite Shawn Michaels in the 1997 WWE Survivor Series.

He became the real bad guy by ridiculing Austin on-stage and also cheating on his wife Linda with Trish Stratus in 2001, whom he dumped later.