#Yaaram Movie Review: Unfriend this!

Film: #Yaaram

Cast: Prateik Babbar, Siddhanth Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor, Ishita Raj Sharma, Anita Raj, Dalip Thahil, Natasha Stankovic

Director: Ovais Khan

Rating: * *

A convoluted love story set and shot largely in Mauritius, this film Directed by Ovais Khan, who also happens to be the Director of Photography here, tries hard to palm off an Indian law in an alien setting. The film begins with a voice over by Shakti Kapoor and ends with him (ironically) sermonising about how triple Talak is being misused and how the practice has been abolished by Parliament and passed on as law thanks to Modi sarkar.

Rohit Bajaj (Prateik), a businessman and Saahil Quereshi (Siddhanth), a theater director, are brothers-in-arms to the extent that it takes Rohit to intervene on behalf of Siddhant, so that Zoya (Ishita) is made aware of the latter’s love and agrees to marry him. Ovais Khan’s film tries to resurrect the ‘Nikaah’ theme by getting Saahil to quit the marriage in a fit of pique and then have him pleading with his best friend who happens to be recently engaged, to get him back in with Zoya and out of the pit he dug by uttering the three magic works to nullify his marriage.

No prizes for guessing what Rohit is expected to do. Needless to say, we are then put through the grinder with Rohit’s parents (Anita Raj and Dalip Thahil) getting into the act along with his ex-fiancée Mira. It’s almost comical to see senior actors behave like cartoons in their effort to create comedy.

The storyline is warped, the characterisations don’t make sense and the performances seem severely stunted. But for the stunning Mauritius sea front, this film would have been a dead bore.