Yahoo brings Vikas@home: Meethi Aam Ki Chutney

Chef Vikas Khanna brings simple and easy-to-make recipes that you can try out from the comfort of your home. INGREDIENTS 1 four-inch piece ginger, grated 3 green mangoes, grated with peel 2 dried red chillies ½ cup jaggery 2 teaspoons fennel seeds Salt to taste METHOD • In a hot pan, combine green mangoes and ginger and sauté for a minute. • Break red chillies and add to the pan with jaggery, fennel seeds and salt. Mix well. • Cook till jaggery dissolves and mangoes soften. • Serve with rotis or pappadams. Note: This chutney can be stored refrigerated for upto 2 weeks. More easy recipes from Masterchef Vikas Khanna:

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