Yahoo Detailed Review: Mumbai Saga

Cast: John Abraham, Emraan Hashmi, Kajal Aggarwal, Rohit Roy, Mahesh Manjrekar, Amole Gupte, Prateik Babbar

Director - Sanjay Gupta

Release date - 19 March, 2021

Sanjay Gupta - known for action flicks like Kaante and Zinda among others is back with ‘Mumbai Saga’. It’s a face-off between John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi - the don and the cop.

Is this underworld drama worth a watch?

Amartya Rao played by Abraham has to make a reluctant entry into a world of crime and violence. Harboured by the local politician he soon rules over Mumbai. However, the death of a businessman has the cop on his heels and “encounter specialist”, Vijay Savarkar played by Hashmi has him on the hit-list.

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When it is a story about the underworld - violence, blood and gore come with the territory. In his sepia-tinted world, Gupta looks at recreating the Bombay of the 80s and then Mumbai of the 90s. A time when underworld gangsters ruled the city and turf wars were common. And the only way to deal with the crime was encounters.

Director Sanjay Gupta like his earlier films has an ensemble cast in this one too. Rohit Roy and Shaad Randhawa play Abraham’s trusted allies. Prateik Babbar plays the younger brother - he has lived a protected life but can’t help but stay away from a life of crime. Amole Gupte as the rival gangster is a pleasure to watch - he gets the comic timing just right.

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There are some slick slow-motion action sequences. The story is however lost amidst the blazing guns and dialoguebaazi. The plot is wafer-thin and the storytelling isn’t compelling enough. The director doesn’t bother assigning any motive to why his characters operate the way they do.

This film is a story that we have seen multiple times before, there is nothing new or unique about how this one unfolds. I am going with 2 stars for this one.

‘Mumbai Saga’ is watchable but watching a film in the theatre is no longer about just investing time and money, it is also about steeping out during Covid.

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