Yahoo Detailed Review: Tribhanga

Cast: Tanvi Azmi
Mithila Palkar

Director - Renuka Sahane

Release date - 15 January, 2020

3 stars

This week’s release has three female actors, Tanvi Azmi, Kajol and Mithila Palkar in the lead. Written and directed by Renuka Sahane, Tribhanga is a dance pose in Odissi and represents the three protagonists and their unconventional life.

Kajol is known to be very picky about the scripts she selects - what’s special about this one?

Bollywood actress and Odissi dancer, Anuradha Apte, played by Kajol shares a complicated equation with her mother. Nayantara Apte, played by Tanvi Azmi, is the mother, an acclaimed writer, who decided to live life on her own terms. Nayan gets divorced and her ensuing choice in men dents her relationship with her children.

Anuradha or Anu, grows up without a father figure and after being in abusive relationships becomes a rebel. She uses cuss words, smokes (or used to) and has a string of non-serious relationships. But when it comes to her daughter, played by Mithila, she is fiercely protective.

Masha, played by Mithila, has two feisty female role models while growing up. But she chooses to marry into a very traditional family where she is expected to cover her head at all times. Why does Masha pick such an almost regressive set-up for herself?

It’s interesting how each of them have a completely different approach to life

The men in the supporting cast - Kunal Roy Kapur, Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, Manav Gohil and Kanwaljeet Singh in a cameo are integral to the tale of these 3 women. They provide insight into how some men can be empowering by their mere presence.

Tanvi Azmi is convincing as a flawed mother, who has made peace with her decisions and mistakes. Kajol is good in parts but over-the-top in quite a few scenes. Playing a rebel doesn’t seem to come naturally to her. Mithila as the ‘balanced’ one fits right in. She resists the drama that seems to define the older women in this tale.

Director Renuka Sahane does an interesting job of laying out the various elements of a woman's life but fails to bring it together seamlessly. It’s an engaging watch but not compelling enough. I am going with 3 stars for ‘Tribhanga’.

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