10 tips to help you plan a budget wedding

While planning a wedding, you must first chalk out a budget. It is important to keep your expenses in mind and be wise with your money. With some foresight, you can avoid going overboard with your spending. So, making a budget and sticking to it is crucial. Trim your costs, limit the number of guests, and take measures to keep the expenses within your budget. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that.

1. Create a tentative budget:

Discuss the budget with your family and future spouse. With the help of a spreadsheet, see what expenses you can cut out. After that, list the highest and lowest prices for all the overheads. This could include expenses for the priest, flowers, venue, food, and entertainment. Take a look at the list, and see what other expenses can be cut down.

2. Prioritize important areas:

Focus on the aspects of the wedding that you think are important to you. If you can cut down on some expenses, you can spend more on the important areas. Economizing is the key. For instance, if the venue is important to you, you can limit the number of guests and thereby, cut costs.

3. Plan ahead of time:

If you act fast and shop early, you can take advan0tage of sales. You can also get better deals from suppliers. Do keep an eye out for bridal exhibitions. You may land a good deal there. Make all your reservations in advance, like hotels, flights, train or transportation. Last minute bookings can get expensive.

4. Don’t forget to haggle:

Although some vendors may refuse to give discounts, many others may offer good deals. Negotiate a lower price with your vendors, and do not shy away from asking for discounts.

5. Hire an expert:

The common perception is that hiring a wedding planner will prove to be expensive. But, they could actually save you money. They can arrange for discounts from their partner vendors. You would also be stress-free knowing that an expert is taking care of everything for your big day.

6. Cut down on designer expenses:

Instead of opting for a designer store, you can save a lot of money by opting for a wholesale vendor. You might want a particular design for your dress or jewellery. Save money by visiting a local designer or jeweller who specializes in the design that you want.

7. Think out of the box:

Venues like hotels and banquets are the popular choice and tend to be expensive. Be a little imaginative and consider alternate wedding venues. Also, think of other ideas to save. For instance, you can pick a small town near your city or opt for a beautiful temple wedding. Alternative avenues can save you costs on the wedding.

8. Avoid the peak-season:

Prices hit the roof during peak season. Vendors have more time on their hands during off season. Choose a date during March–October rather than November–February. This will get you better deals.

9. Reduce the number of events:

The more the number of functions, the greater the expenses. Instead of having two receptions, settle for one. You can also club events instead of holding them on separate days.

10. Limit the number of guests:

If you have a long guest list, you will need to foot a huge bill. Invite only those closest to you, and keep the guest list small. This will bring the expenses down, and you will save on food and other costs.

It is wedding season and expenses should not stress you out. Instead of opting for an expensive wedding, you can cut down on costs by using these tips.