Yahoo Movies Review: Fan


Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Sayani Gupta, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Waluscha de Sousa, Yogendra Tiku and Deepika Amin

Direction: Maneesh Sharma

Rating: ***½

Shah Rukh Khan in and as ‘Fan’ is incredible. It is undeniably his best performance in a long time – as a superstar’s obsessive fan, SRK belts out a class act. He is however, let down by the complete mishandling of the second half.

Gaurav Chandna, a middle-class Delhi boy, considers himself superstar Aryan Khanna’s (SRK) biggest fan. I am sure all ardent fans see a bit of themselves in him, whether it is collecting every paper clipping of the star or having huge posters of him on the wall or of nursing an almost impossible dream of at some point coming face-to-face with the ‘God’ himself.

The 25-year-old comes across as an almost unassuming young boy smitten by a superstar. It is only when he is traveling to meet his idol do you realize that there are hints of an obsession of a psychotic kind. The expression on Gaurav’s face when he sees Aryan for the first time is stunning – he is awestruck and overwhelmed and yet, there’s something weird and creepy about that look.

While Shah Rukh as the egoistical and arrogant larger-than-life film star plays his usual self, he has completely moulded himself into the garb of a fan. Yes, you might compliment the make-up but the body language, the emotions and the portrayal of a star-crazed fan makes the transformation complete.

This obsessive actor is in no way comparable to the person we saw in ‘Darr’ (1993). It’s evident that Shah Rukh’s approach to this role was a nuanced one.

If only the filmmakers had approached this film with a little more craft.

It is the absurdity of certain situations that make this compelling story seem ridiculous in parts.

Spoilers ahead

It is bizarre how a star of Aryan’s stature decides to take on a deranged fan single-handedly. It is not only irrational and frustrating to see him pursue an obsessive fan but it also sends a very wrong message – aberrant behaviour will get you noticed.

Also, the easy access this crazy fan seems to have managed to get into the star’s private space is just unbelievable. And after all those edge-of-the-seat chases, it is exasperating to see our bloodied hero decide to give this crazy fan a pep talk. Isn’t it quite evident that this person needs professional help and not some exclusive counselling on a rooftop after a bloody fistfight?

It’s a shame that such an awesome plot suffers from such inept execution. Alas, that too in a film where Shah Rukh Khan has outdone himself as an actor.

Whether you are a fan or not, watch this one for a side of SRK you have never seen before.

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