Yahoo Movies Review: A Gentleman

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Sidharth and Jacqueline in ‘A Gentleman’
Sidharth and Jacqueline in ‘A Gentleman’

Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Darshan Kumar, Suneil Shetty

Director: Raj and DK

Rating: ***

‘A Gentleman’ is a stylishly made action film that seems to strike a good balance with an interesting premise, a breezy romance and some understated humour.

Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez have an engaging plot to work with. There is a sundar and susheel ‘suitable’ boy, who is too good to be true. There’s also the suave and sexy Rishi, who is dangerous but has his heart in the right place. Is this a case of mistaken identity? What really connects the boring Gaurav to the risky Rishi?

The fast-paced narrative moves seamlessly between Mumbai and Miami, through some well-choreographed, Hollywood-style action sequences and a couple of thrilling chases.

It sure helps that Sidharth – with his well-sculpted and tattooed body – looks the part and is completely convincing in both his avatars. His performance is sincere and full of chutzpah.

Jacqueline looks svelte and hot but doesn’t really contribute much to the proceedings.

Of the supporting cast, Sidharth’s friend (Hussain Dalal) and a motley group of goons with a character called Jignesh as their boss steal the show. They are a delight to watch.

The villains disappoint – Suniel Shetty and Darshan Kumar do little to lift the pace.

‘A Gentleman’ is a slick production that will keep you entertained. Just keep your expectations in check.

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