Yahoo Movies Review: Ki And Ka

Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Swarup Sampat

Direction: R Balki

Rating: **½

‘Ki And Ka’ tries too hard to drive home its point. We get it that the film is trying to redefine stereotypical gender roles in a marriage, but I am sure there were ways to be a little subtle about it.

And that’s my problem with R Balki’s recent films - specifically ‘Shamitabh’ (2015) and ‘Ki And Ka’ – he doesn’t need to hammer home his message. Our director has a good idea that is actually different but the execution lacks nuance. The first half becomes a yawn-fest after a point and it is only in the second half that the story picks up pace.

So the falling-in-love and marriage between Ki and Ka (Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor) happen with unusual haste. How can you marry someone when you don’t even know whether they are a tea-drinker or a coffee person? I would have expected an ambitious, career-oriented woman to take a little more time to decide on a spouse but I guess, it doesn’t hurt that our very handsome hero also comes from a rich business family and just chooses to be a stay-at-home husband.

Also, isn’t it a tad too simplistic that a household expenditure of close to a crore rupees can be achieved with a simple weight-loss program for housewives? So we gloss over the details and we go all preachy about how effectively a man/woman can climb the corporate ladder only if there’s someone at home to do the cooking and housekeeping.

It is quite a cool idea to think ‘wouldn’t it be great to redefine gender roles’. What if I didn’t have to don the role of a superwoman every morning – rush back from gym to pack my 4-year-old’s tiffin box, quickly shower and head to work, and then rush back so that the little one gets his dinner on time and is tucked in before its too late and all the time fight the guilt that you are not spending enough time with your child?

Just when we start romanticizing this idea of a house-husband, you realize that it isn’t about gender at all. It is all about the money, honey. It is the breadwinner who always wants to stay in focus and when you want, or get, a little place under the sun, he/she feels insecure and jealous.

So why create such watertight compartments? Shared responsibility anyone? There’s really no need to romanticize the idea of a lack of ambition. Financial independence is a good thing. In a modern world both earning a living and household duties should be shared responsibilities, irrespective of gender.

The message gets quite lost in this story.

While I wasn’t very happy with the direction, I loved Arjun’s understated performance. It is, however, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan’s cameo that’s the highpoint of this film.

The second half has a nice twist, but the sheer number of times you hear ‘Ki’ and ‘Ka’ in this story is just exhausting.

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