Yahoo Movies Review: Raabta

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Yahoo Movies Review: Raabta

Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon, Jim Sarbh, Varun Sharma
Direction: Dinesh Vijan
Rating: **1/2

‘Raabta’ is an over-indulgent love story that needs a lot of patience. This romance progresses at a languid pace with the reincarnation saga dragging the plot all the more.

What a good love story needs (IMHO) is sparkling chemistry between the lead couple and the ability to establish a connect with the audience. Unfortunately, ‘Raabta’ fails on both counts – despite all the hype about Sushant’s and Kriti’s sizzling chemistry, their onscreen vibe is quite tepid.

The plot is flimsy and unconvincing – it is as if the filmmakers themselves weren’t too convinced about the past-life angle and just threw it in as an afterthought.

Saira and Shiv fall heads-over-heels in love, at first sight! As they frolic around Budapest professing their love for each other, enter the suave liquor baron, Zakir Merchant, who disrupts their equation somewhat.

Jim Sarbh’s Zakir actually does a cool job of being charming and unsettlingly creepy at the same time. He is the only one who is aware that the souls of the three protagonists are connected from a previous birth and they are all here to fulfill his (Zakir’s) incomplete relationship.

The premise, simply put, is the return of the friendzoned childhood sweetheart, who in this birth refuses to comply with his previous destiny.

In this day and age, it is difficult for a reincarnation saga to pass muster and the lackadaisical approach makes it seem completely implausible.

The film is visually compelling but that’s about it!

To give the actors their due – Zakir apart – Sushant Singh Rajput’s breezy approach makes this film borderline watchable. In a film that takes itself too seriously, it is the actor’s understated performance, comic timing and peppy dialogue that lift the spirits every now and then.

Watch this if you must. You may even enjoy it if you entirely suspend your disbelief, and thensome!

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