Yahoo Review: Force 2

Cast: John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Adil Hussain

Direction: Abhinay Deo

Rating: **½

Abhinay Deo’s ‘Force 2’ is high on style and low on rationale. So, the mise–en–scène is very Hollywood, but the storyline reeks of 1980’s Bollywood wantonness, and a complete disregard for a coherent script.

What we have is a world of assassins, undercover agents, mysterious deaths and tough cops chasing bad guys in the alleys of India, China and Budapest. Stylishly shot, the film pleases on the aesthetic front. But when the villains are always found to be a step ahead – despite the ‘best’ minds on this operation – you are left perpetually worried for the country’s safety, or the filmmakers’ lack of proficiency.

John Abraham’s tough cop act is reminiscent of his earlier release this year: in ‘Dishoom’ he did pretty much the same thing. In his brawny supercop avatar he beats the bad guys to a pulp, but never really seems to have the intellectual acumen to solve the case.

It is a shame to see Sonakshi Sinha reduced to a mere prop in this attempted thriller. After watching her play the feisty Akira in the eponymous film earlier this year, I was expecting her to have a spunky role in this one. Alas, she is only allowed to follow the lead of her male counterpart, despite theoretically being the lead in this operation.

It is Tahir Raj Bhasin who rises above this middling script to deliver a compelling performance. After his noteworthy debut in ‘Mardaani’, he impresses us with another tempered portrayal.

The problem with ‘Force 2’ is that it is as formulaic as Bollywood can get: the clichéd revenge saga, with a superficial item song thrown in for relief, followed by a simplistic resolution. A clandestine organization suddenly opts for complete transparency? How feasible is that!

Watch ‘Force 2’ for its high-octane action and some gripping chase sequences, but don’t expect any of it to be very logical.

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