Yahoo Review: Great Grand Masti


Cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani, Urvashi Rautela, Sanjay Mishra

Direction: Indra Kumar

Rating: 0

‘Great Grand Masti’ fails on many counts - this adult comedy neither titillates nor amuses. With every installment of the ‘Masti’ franchise, Indra Kumar stoops to a new low.

The fact that mainstream actors like Riteish, Vivek and Aftab continue to proudly associate themselves with such shoddy projects is truly despicable. Even if we were to set aside the fact that the humour is crude, the actors should at least find themselves being turned into such caricatures a tad demeaning.

The main premise remains the same – three desperate married men are looking for some harmless masti, basically a chance to cheat on their unsuspecting wives. Plunging necklines and ample skin show come with the territory, since the filmmakers are marketing this as a sex comedy. But looking at our heroes go squint-eyed and start shivering like they are being electrocuted every time they feel sexually aroused is quite pathetic.

Objectifying sisters-in-law has always been an accepted norm in Bollywood but here even mothers-in-law aren’t spared sexual innuendos. In this twisted world of masti everyone is fair game.

The hypocrisy of it all is that though we aspire to make an irreverent sex comedy that reeks of sexism and objectification of women, we don’t forget to slip in a message on Bharatiya Sanskar (Indian values). So we have our adarsh Bharatiya naris keeping a karva chauth ka vrath (fasting for the long life of their spouses) for husbands who have proved beyond doubt that they are depraved and vile.

Moral of the story – your husband might be a pervert but the onus is on the dutiful wives to pine and pray for them. Only a loyal wife’s unwavering support can make them realize that no amount of tomfoolery is worth what they stand to lose – devoted forgiving spouses who are ready to embrace them despite their flaws. Why not get bonded slaves instead?

The moral outrage aside, if only there was some fun to be had in the many mindless gags that pepper this story. Call me a prude if you will, but I found no humour in their many insipid jokes.

Watch ‘Great Grand Masti’ if crass ‘humour’ is your idea of fun. This one gave me a throbbing headache.

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