Yash Vashishtha explains the role of Socialmatte media in Movie Promotions


We all know that India is the largest in producing movies every years. We are so many cinemas other than Bollywood which are doing good not only in India but outside India too. Everyone today understands the importance of Social media in film marketing.

Yash Vashishtha, who is a renowned social media star and founder of Social Matte Media, feels you should able to target audiences through social media to increase the reach of the movie in India and outside India.

According to Yash Vashishtha power of social media marketing can be seen through figures in 2018 we have seen the growth of more than 5% and percentage of audiences has increased to 5 to 10% in 2018-19 which will increase even further in by 2020.

According to Yash, effective social media marketing for films starts way before movie release and its an exercise which runs for at-list three months before and after the movie release. To create hype is not an easy job in social media. It is a talent which very rarely has in India. Yash feels he will add more to Bollywood with his new tactics.

2018-19 was full of video marketing on social media marketing and campaigning. More use of good content will be seen in coming years. We will see new ways of promotion in social media promotions for movies. Productions houses are spending money on online advertising as they know it will give a double return for the film.

We will also see movie makers telling a story of the movie to people like Yash Vashishtha so that they can market things in their way. Companies will create different stories to create hype in public with their campaigns. Bollywood and Indian cinema’s growth is on the shoulder of people like Yash Vashishtha and his company Social Matte Media in the coming years.

We wish that Yash Vashishtha carry on his excellent work in future and his promotional work help our Indian movies to do better in India and outside India.

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