Yashvardhan Sharma- Independent and Passionate lover of Entertainment and its own concepts

Young mind and fresh thoughts, on today’s date they are common to hear. Seems like it’s an era of rising youths who want to prove themselves. The fire within, it doesn’t make them stop, it makes them climb up the ladder of success, step by step and no matter how bad the balance gets, they manage themselves with their grip. They don’t wait for suggestions, they don’t wait for permissions, they wait for freedom and this freedom is what that gives these free souls a free place to fly. One such free soul climbing up the road of success is Yashvardhan Sharma. He is one rising star, from a small town of Madhya Pradesh named Shivpuri, who knew how to take his step ahead. He knew what he wanted and he never seeks permission. His parents, they became a hurdle at the start but soon seeing the passion within, they allowed Yashvardhan to take his flight as per his desires. Managing the school life and his passion, he started taking steps of small successes which finally led him to Viral Dunia. This blog, it created a sensation among all by the type of news is provided and the way of presentation of the same. It presented the world with all kind of entertainment news and made sure that it could cover, all the sections of society, all the age group, etc. Apart from this, he gained a sensation over Youtube too. All his videos, all the content, all of the same started taking an unstoppable flow.

Talking about his life as Youtuber, Yashvardhan says that, “at first it seemed like it might take years but then one day, it was just about one day, yeah, it got so filmy and the video contents, they got viral to the extent even I couldn’t think of. Millions of people started watching it. They liked, shared, subscribed and me.? I just sat there with my overjoy of this ongoing success. Truly, can't forget that one-day success which made me believe that there is much more ahead. All I needed was not support or a piece of advice, it was just the hard work and effort I could put in my work and present the world with more of what they can have.”

People started recognizing the face behind Viral Dunia and the uploads of Youtube and it was not much of a time when Yashvardhan was being recognized as an influencer too. All his mates, all his teachers, all his relatives, soon started recognizing his features. They knew that this person, this fresh mind, it is soon going to get viral to an extent that they will be recognized by his name.

The best part of Yashvardhan life is, the messages he spreads all around. He keeps on asking people why don’t they try from the very start. He keeps motivating them and his videos, they did not just entertain people, they provide a message too.

Yashvardhan says, “It was not long before when I was a part of that crowd which kept thinking what to do, how to do and to what extent I should cover it all. like for all, there are some people behind, well, for me, the videos I watched was what took me up with an idea that this is how I should start and then move to blog. I knew people will like whatever I present. No this was not overconfidence, it was the trust I built on my work while I worked. It was needed and it was needed that I create the best story to remember for my future and today, where I stand, is where I feel that lot are waiting like me, who lack behind just because they don’t try. For all those, try, try, don’t sit and cry. It will bring you none close to success, all it will create a fuss. So, better to smile, always and not for a while.”