Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Adi decides to separate from Raman’s business

Eva Abraham
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Adi hurts Ishita by not speaking for her when his business investor insulted her. Raman screams at Adi for insulting his wife and vice versa, finally Adi decides to get out of Raman's business.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman(Karan Patel) speaking to each other about Adi(Abhishesk Verma). Ishita consoles Raman saying Adi is their son and he would always remain that way, she tries calling Adi again and again but Adi does not respond. Raman asks her not to and says he must be busy. Later Ishita reaches Adi’s office while Adi is meeting his new investor with Mr. Taneja. Ishita asks Adi why he was not responding Adi asks her to wait as he is in a meeting. As Ishita is going out the new investor stops her and reveals that he is Aliya’s drug convicted friend’s dad. He says he wants Ishita to stay away if Adi needs him to help in his project. Ishita asks Adi to call off the deal as the man is not at all ethical in his conductr, Adi though asks Ishita to go home. As Ishita leaves she hears the man telling Adi that he should not let Ishita involve in his life so much because Ishita is not his own mother. Ishita is broken as Adi does not respond to this. Ishita remembers her relationship with Adi blooming and all the times she has stood by her son. After Ishita leaves Adi tells the investor that the business is very important for him but not as much as his mother. He says he will not bear to hear another word against his mother what Ishita has done for him even Shagun has not.(Also Read: Ishita catches Adi spying on Raman, Mrs. Bhalla tears Shagun’s invite)

Mr. Iyer(Abhay Bhargava) gets a photo collage for Mr. Bhalla(Kaushal Kapoor) and Roshni(Vidisha Srivastava) suggests theys hould show it to Ishita and the family as Mr. Bhalla is out for a movie with Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi(Aditi Bhatia) excitedly shows Raman some old pictures of Mr. Bhalla which she wants to use on the photo cake she and Aliya are planning for Mr. Bhalla. Raman is lost as he is waiting for Ishita. Ishita walsk in crying as the family gets worried. Raman asks her what the matter is and she tells him everything. Raman loses his temper as usual and shouts at Aliya who tries to calm him. Adi walks in and screams at Raman for shouting at his wife. Aliya too talks rudely to Raman and Adi with Aliya walk off saying Adi will not work in Raman’s business anymore and start something on their own. Ruhi is sad about the entire situation and talks to Roshni about it. roshni says they should celebrate Mr. Bhalla’s birthday and lighten the air in the house. Ruhi agrees and Roshni goes to get the cake. Ishita tells Raman they should leave their children to learn from their mistakes and should stop telling them anything. Ruhi asks them to come down for the birthday and Raman says he does not want anyone calling Adi and Aliya as Adi knows his grandfather’s birthday and should be there himself. Ishita and Ruhi fail to knock any sense into this guy.

Precap: They cut the cake and celebrate Mr. Bhalla’s birthday, Adi and Aliya come in. Mr. Bhalla asks Adi where he was to which Adi replies that the family members did not care to inform them.

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