Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Actress Subuhii Joshii: 'It's Not Actors' Fault If They Want To Have More Followers'- EXCLUSIVE

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai fame actress Subuhii Joshii is not one to shy away from sharing her opinions. Asked if she feels there is a connection between an actor's talent and the number of followers they have on social media, she says, "Very recently I was approached by some people for a project who asked me for my social media handle because they wanted to cast someone who has a certain number of followers. So, I don't think it's actors' fault if they want to have more followers."

"And it's not just actors, everyone wants to gain more and more followers these days, it's for everyone who is using social media today. I think social media is an ego massage tool. I have seen that people who have more followers get an ego boost that they have so many fans," she added. ALSO READ: Was Subuhii Joshii In A Relationship With Bigg Boss 14's Aly Goni? Actress Says ‘I’d Leave It To Aly Whether He Wants To Call Me His Ex Or Best Friend’

The actress, who is making her OTT debut with web film Fariha, agreed that the world of social media might look fake but added, "Actors go through a lot of stuff in their daily lives which they can't show, on-screen they need to be smiling always but deep down inside, they might be going through something really bad." ALSO READ: Bollywood Stars' Drug Controversy: TV Stars Support Bollywood Celebs; Ask 'Where Are The Drugs?'

She further said, "I think it's not just on social media where people fake it a lot of times. I agree there are times when you feel low but still post a happy picture. So, if we say that people imitate public figures then why not post happy stuff and let people get motivated by it."

Lastly, Subuhii confessed that she mostly follows her friends on social media, but revealed, "I am very influenced by Sameera Reddy, she posts some amazing content and looking at her account you will never say that social media is fake."

Image source: Instagram/subuhijoshi_essjay

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