“Yes I am returning to Bollywood”, says #MeToo torchbearer Tanushree Dutta

Actress Tanushree Dutta credited with bringing the #MeToo movement to Bollywood by bringing up her 10-year old allegation of harassment against Nana Patekar is all set to come back to Hindi cinema after a hiatus of nearly ten years. Her last release was the lowbrow thriller Apartment in 2009.

Confirming her plans of returning to acting and Bollywood, Tanushree says, “Yes, it is true. I’m going to make a comeback in Bollywood. I am going to make better choices this time and only work with people of a certain calibre, stature and good attitude as I’ve learnt my lessons from bad experiences.”

Tanushree won’t allow her unsavoury experiences in Bollywood in the past to colour her judgment about the work ethics in present day Bollywood. “I don’t want those experiences to define my life anymore and I will make new happy memories of Bollywood. So ideally I would like to do something with an A- list team that presents me well and brings out my best talent out of me by giving me a positive and fun work environment.”