'Yet to write,' but COVID-19 centerpoint in 'The Family Man-3'

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11 Jun 2021: 'Yet to write,' but COVID-19 centerpoint in 'The Family Man-3'

The Family Man 2 dropped on Amazon Prime last week, and fans were pleased with the ending, even if it meant a cliff-hanger. Because, the unfinished climax suggested another season is in store, which given the success of the series, isn't a surprise. Makers said they're yet to decide details about The Family Man 3 story, but the COVID-19 situation will surely be addressed.

Details: 'Knew where we are headed while writing Season 2'

Speaking to Indianexpress.com, creators Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, writer Suman Kumar and co-director Suparn Varma gave an insight into the upcoming season. Raj mentioned that they had an "idea" about "where the show is heading," while writing season two itself. "The story was always there. Not that particular scene (the last sequence) but the idea of where the show is heading," he added.

Information: Spoiler alert! This is how the second installment ended

So what happened in the last scene? Season two ended with an unknown person in Kolkata working on a Chinese mission called Guan Yu. The director said this sequence was filmed later, as the "idea was to give a little tease." "The scene was shot later. It was representative of where we might go and where we might not go later," he noted.

Fact: A man named Guan Yu actually existed many centuries ago

Interestingly, a man named Guan Yu existed many centuries ago. In fact, he's worshipped by the Chinese till date. He was a military general, who played a significant role in ending the Han dynasty and establishing Liu Bei's reign. He was executed in January-February 220.

Anticipation: Makers are yet to write the upcoming season

The upcoming edition will definitely discuss the COVID-19 situation and subsequent lockdown, but the makers insisted that they are yet to begin writing. "I'm sure we are going to address it a bit, for sure, but if it is going to be little or much, that we have to sit and write," Raj was quoted as saying. However, the pandemic isn't the only threat.

Home affairs: 'A big bomb waiting to explode in Srikant's personal life'

Staying true to the show's OG motto of dual lives, our hero Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) will have to deal with problems inside and outside the house. Suchi (Priyamani) and his marriage is not in a strong place, and something big (the Lonavala incident?) is going to drop in Season 3. Creators promised that a "big bomb [was] waiting to explode" in that arena.

Fact: Bajpayee had this to say on a new season

Earlier, when Bajpayee was asked about an upcoming season, the Shool actor had said he did not know much about the development. But he did imply that if a season three happens, it must take the notch a dial further up.

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