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A tiny tot called Taimur Ali Khan

It’s safe to say Taimur Ali Khan is the reigning czar of the photo sharing app. His cherubic face is the most sought after on the platform and elsewhere, and even big stars cannot stand up to his popularity. The barely two-year-old has the paparazzi in hot pursuit as he goes about his daily life. And, little does he realise that his innocent hello or wave is their livelihood and the nation’s daily dose of cuteness. He has scores of handles dedicated to him by his diehard fans. What’s more, there is one dedicated to his vigilant nanny as well (roll eyes!).

YIR 2018: What set Instagram on fire

Admit it, stalking celebrities on Instagram is your greatest guilty pleasure! For what else can make Indian celebrities the most followed on the photo sharing app?

With most of them having over 15 million followers, and some even 28 million followers, they are the biggest trendsetters and newsmakers. Their pictures, videos and stories go viral in no time as we see, watch or share those endlessly. Those are crucial fodder for the innumerable online and offline publications constantly vying for readers attention as well.

Considering such frenzy and obsession, it does warrant a whistle stop tour down the biggest Instagram hits this year, which is almost drawing to a close.

Catch all the celebrities, posts and videos that created a major splash in 2018 here…