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Drop-dead gorgeous mummy Kareena Kapoor Khan

If the son is such a social media sensation, can the drop-dead gorgeous mother be far away? Of course not. Kareena Kapoor Khan is papped almost everywhere like her son and her pictures are all over Instagram. This, even though she does not have an account of her own. From her gym and airport looks to wedding and red-carpet ones – we Insta addicts just can’t have enough of her! Neither can the photographers.

YIR 2018: What set Instagram on fire

Admit it, stalking celebrities on Instagram is your greatest guilty pleasure! For what else can make Indian celebrities the most followed on the photo sharing app?

With most of them having over 15 million followers, and some even 28 million followers, they are the biggest trendsetters and newsmakers. Their pictures, videos and stories go viral in no time as we see, watch or share those endlessly. Those are crucial fodder for the innumerable online and offline publications constantly vying for readers attention as well.

Considering such frenzy and obsession, it does warrant a whistle stop tour down the biggest Instagram hits this year, which is almost drawing to a close.

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