Yogesh Tripathi on Playing Corrupt Cop Happu Singh: 'It's for Humour'

Devasheesh Pandey
·2-min read

One of the most delightful characters to have appeared on TV screens in a long time is Daroga Happu Singh of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. It is not a surprise then that he has got his own spin off as well, which is now as popular as the original show. Actor Yogesh Tripathi, who plays the goofy cop in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, tells us that he has no qualms about portraying a corrupt public officer as the makers have no intention of showing the police force in a bad light. He also insists that the viewers are well aware that the character is there for humour’s sake and know not to take him seriously.

“People know that it is there for humour’s sake. The message is not that the police force in India takes bribe,” he says.

About how Happu Singh was made a regular in the show, Yogesh recalls, “At the start, there was no contract as such that this policeman will appear often. It was for a story that the character was introduced but the audience feedback was good. 4-5 months down the line, Happu became part of the show and I was a series regular.”

Interestingly, Yogesh first auditioned for Anokhelal Saxena’s part in ‘Bhabiji’ but he could not do it due to date issues and Saanand Verma got that role. “I had to block 15-16 dates in a month for Saxena’s role but it was not possible at that time as I was doing another show. Then, after one month my character Happu Singh was introduced.”

About shooting amid coronavirus spread, Yogesh shares, “I am not scared to go to work. Everything is being monitored and tests are conducted regularly. At the same time, there has to be some fear otherwise people get reckless.”

Yogesh says he keeps doing other parts as well so that people get to see his different side. He played Chhote, the local barber, in Jijaji Chhat Per Hain but the show went off air despite his character being a hit. “It’s important for me to do different sort of roles too. Even fans get to see the other side. I keep doing advertisements and short films but can’t take up another show as I am already committed,” he signs off.

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