Yolanda Chenault: Determinedly Moving Ahead in the Fashion Niche With Lifting Women Up With Her Plus-Size Boutique

Mohmmad Shaikh
·2-min read

Recently, the ace fashionista and entrepreneur signed a deal with the business ambassador Chadd Black, intending to take her brand to the next level.

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Of the many things that have garnered a lot of attention at the business front across the world, the emergence of many astute business minds, especially black women entrepreneurs and pure talents, have made the most headlines and rightfully so, for the kind of determination and strong resolve they have shown to provide value to people with whatever they have chosen to do in business. This very attitude and the positive spirit to make a difference in people's lives with what they create have risen these entrepreneurs to the top of their game. The fashion world might have welcomed innumerable such talents, but currently, the one who is making all the buzz around her and her plus-size boutique is Yolanda Chenault.

Wondering who this sought-after fashion visionary is, who is driven for catering to the plus-size with her fashion collection? Well, Yolanda Chenault is the one who has made a unique name for herself in the world of fashion with her one of a kind "The E.G.O. Boutique". This boutique has been in the news for all the right reasons as Yolanda Chenault wants to serve people with plus-size, making them more confident in their skin. Her fashion collection stands unique for this very aim to lift women up and give them the opportunity to express themselves through fashion, irrespective of their body shape or size.

This exactly has what attracted Media Maven Chadd Black to Yolanda Chenault's vision and her boutique. Chadd Black, who is a world-renowned business ambassador and the owner of The 713 Agency in Houston, Texas, says that The E.G.O. Boutique serves as a unique brand and something that aims to do the better for the plus-size. Hence, it is essential for the brand to reach more people and gain the prominence it deserves.

Yolanda Chenault signed a PR development deal with Chadd Black and The 713 Agency with the intention to take her boutique to the next level and, most importantly, to spread the message of inclusion to the masses. There are too many brands in the fashion markets, but Yolanda Chenault's The E.G.O Boutique stands unique for its offerings for the curvy women, which has made her and her brand the talk of the town.