Yoozoo Games CEO Lin Qi dies reportedly of poisoning

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Yoozoo Games CEO Lin Qi dies reportedly of poisoning
Yoozoo Games CEO Lin Qi dies reportedly of poisoning

27 Dec 2020: Yoozoo Games CEO Lin Qi dies reportedly of poisoning

Yoozoo Games, a hugely successful Chinese video-game publishing brand, has lost its CEO Lin Qi at the age of 39.

The circumstances around Lin's death are fishy as he is reported to be poisoned.

Lin died on December 25 at a Shanghai hospital after facing serious health issues.

The company authorities say they have been informed of his demise through his family members.

Probe progress: Shanghai Police says suspect is detained

Shanghai Police are investigating the case of Lin's death.

Yoozoo shared a statement two days before his death, saying that he had admitted himself to a hospital after experiencing discomfort while his condition remained "stable."

Meanwhile, Shanghai Police announced the detention of a suspect related to the death of a person having the last name of Lin in the same hospital.

Case details: Chinese media targets CEO Xu Yao

The company has declared it will look for a worthy successor while continuing operations normally.

The China Economic Weekly points to the suspicion at Xu Yao, CEO of The Three-Body Problem Universe, which is an affiliate company working with Lin's Yoozoo over several Chinese adaptations.

Lin was an executive producer for Netflix's trilogy project of Three-Body Problem, an English adaptation of novelist Liu Cixin.

Doctor suspects: Death by neurotoxin?

The China Economic Weekly states that there were work-related disputes between Lin and Yao, due to which the latter had his salary deducted.

The publication, therefore, points the finger at Yao for murdering Lin.

A doctor with Zhou as the surname said Lin might have gotten a neurotoxin into his system that is as deadly as tetrodotoxin found in pufferfish.

Doctor's claim contradicts Yoozoo's: Yoozoo developed 'GoT' mobile and PC game

Yoozoo is known for developing the wildly popular PC and smartphone game titled Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming.

The GoT game was based on the HBO series created by David Benioff and DB Weiss, who also serve as creators for Netflix's Three-Body Problem with Lin onboard as already mentioned.

Zhou claimed that Lin admitted himself to the ICU with "acute illness."

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