New York’s Duke of R&B Ray Medixi Releases Visual for His Single ‘Home for the Night’

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Ray Medixi the budding Duke of R&B is one of the biggest up-and-coming R&B singers in music, and he’s back with another visual for his single home for the night. The new song is a single about losing love and having those final moments of intimacy.

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One of the most impressive things about “Home for the Night” is the inflections in his voice. While Ray doesn’t use the typical singers range, the inflections in his vocals give us the emotional tonality and delivery with every line.

"Throughout the song Ray discusses his recollection of the final moments of an old relationship that ended and every moment leading up to the last time he would be intimate with her and make love to her for the final time. Filmed at the Platinum Recording Studio and produced by Timothy Infinite & Dez Buddha (most known for his work with Miguel) the lighting gives us a relaxing yet melancholy visual with chill R&B vibes. From start to finish Ray Medixi captivates us with his voice. Check out his new Visual for his single “Home for the night”.

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