The Young Business tycoon : Sarvesh Pancholi with a Global Initiative


“With great power comes great social responsibility”, a business-savvy superhero would say. Aiming to make the world a better place, His Global Initiative has taken up the fight against Lack of Knowledge and Research—with entrepreneurship as its weapon.

Since its inception in 2016, the organization has touched 3000+ Students in Cities such as Indore, Ahmedabad and Udaipur. Totaling over 622+ Started Successful business and Started Earning Through IT Field. The success of the initiative has allowed not only for Educating but also for education investments in some of the communities they are involved in.

His Global Initiative is able to offer Students much lower rates and better conditions to improve their businesses. Applicants only need to join DigiHakk –, Once approved, they not only get a Training but also valuable Consultation to increase their chances of success.
A refreshing take on social responsibility for startups, Sarvesh’s Global Initiative is making strides toward making entrepreneurship a real possibility for thousands of Struggling Startups. Each opportunity is the start of a new life for a person, for once your dream comes true you can move on to dream bigger

Mr. Sarvesh Pancholi – Founder of DigiHakk

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