Young Entrepreneur Aman Gupta Shares the Aspects of Personal Branding in the Digital Era

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As the renowned adage goes, “Age is just a number”, it is true in every sense. With the digital disruption in every sector, many entities and businesses are relying more on the internet to earn great revenues. And with each passing year, the digital era is evolving that is giving birth to many young and dynamic digital experts. Aman Gupta, a 21-year old talented guy, holds great expertise in digital marketing, public relations, social media growth and music marketing.

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The Kolkata-based expert shares his take on how businesses and many companies are investing in personal branding in this ever-changing digital world. Started working at an age of 16, Aman founded a company of his own named ‘Growth Agency’. The digital agency has already got various brands and celebrities under its clientele. In a time when trends become obsolete with a blink of an eye, Aman believes focus more on value and less on expenditure.

According to the young entrepreneur, the only answer to stand apart from the competitors and the crowd is to leverage more on personal branding. Speaking about why personal branding is prominent in the digital era, Aman Gupta says, “Personal branding enables you to take charge of your image and know where you stand in the market.” Giving another classic example, Aman suggests that personal branding helps in improving visibility.

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“When you build a strong presence over the internet about your brand, it gives an exposure to the people. That’s where people start engaging with your brand. It’s all about how well you create a reputation about your brand on the digital grounds”, quotes the young lad. Throwing light on another important aspect of personal branding is authenticity. From a company’s point of view, a personal brand cannot sustain in the long run if it creates a fake image in a consumer’s mind. “As far as personal branding goes, a brand must be authentic that will eventually win people’s trust over the web”, added Aman.

During the process of giving maximum exposure to any brand, Aman Gupta reveals that it should have its presence on almost every social media platform. While a majority of the audience is hooked to Instagram, one can scale personal branding to a new level by exposing the brand across every social media platform. Aman believes that the best way to garner the attention of people is to build a strong profile of the brand on LinkedIn.

It is a platform where users generally interact with professionals and brands. The digital expert feels that a brand must exercise making a strong profile that will captivate everyone’s attention. Lastly, the 21-year old even explained how placing the online ads on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms can help in scaling a company’s profile. If you are considering starting your brand online, keep the above points in mind and let your brand stand apart from others.

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